HT Waterjet Chillers

Designed specifically for waterjet cutting machines

A Waterjet cutting machine requires the water temperature to be below 65°F to prolong the life of its pump and seals. Saving you from costly repairs and down time.

It also allows systems that use city water to cool their intensifier pumps and reuse the water in a closed loop system instead of dumping it down the drain. Thereby saving you money and the unnecessary water usage and sewer bills.

Read more about the engineering behind our HT Waterjet Chillers.

In simple terms, our HT Waterjet Chiller chills, stores, cycles off and keeps on chilling even while off.

HT Waterjet Chiller
— or —
Process Chiller?

HT Waterjet Chiller

  • Maintains lower water temperatures
  • Runs, stores energy, shuts off
  • Runs at full capacity
  • Less expensive to purchase
  • Less expensive to maintain
  • Quiet - less than 74 decibels
  • Field Splitable (can be separated)
  • 2 years parts and labor warranty
  • Designed for waterjets
  • 13 SEER rated condensing unit
  • Parts available locally
  • All copper evaporator coil

Process Chiller

  • Maintains higher water temperatures
  • Runs continuously
  • Runs anywhere from 15% to full capacity
  • More expensive to purchase
  • More expensive to maintain
  • Noisy - over 100 decibels
  • Non-splitable
  • 1 year warranty
  • Designed for a process cooling application
  • Too inefficient to expose
  • Parts from manufacturer only
  • Stainless steel evaporator coil

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Waterjet Chillers are designed to handle a vast Temperate Differential from 65° up to 190°. Our chillers are also designed to run at 100% efficiency at all times enabling it to save you money. Our Chillers were designed this way with a Waterjet in mind, not retrofitted to work on Waterjet’s.

Process chillers are intended for equipment that requires a small differential in temperatures (processes like food prep and plastic manufacturing usually 1 - 4 degrees). In order to deliver such a tight range of requirements. a process chiller uses a hot gas by-pass valve (or some sort of unloading of capacity technique) to maintain that exact temperature range, but that is very inefficient for a waterjet cutting machine.

Closed Loop Systems that already recapture the water on its own, can have our Waterjet Chillers placed into this loop, creating the cooler water temperatures needed to prolong pump seal life to extend time between pump rebuilds. HT Chillers can even recycle your traverse water, that’s water reaches 190° water that is usually wasted down the drain.

Open Loop Systems bring in city water in to cool its Intensifier Pump and dumps it down the drain. In these systems our Waterjet Chillers create a closed loop system that can eliminates the need to discharge the hydraulic cooling water down the drain, and reuses it instead of wasting it. Our Waterjet Chillers reduce the consumption of water by recycling it, saving you money on water usage and sewer charges. Meanwhile creating the cooler water temperatures needed to prolong pump seal life to extend time between pump rebuilds.

With our Waterjet Chillers oversizing is not a problem, and will not cause the chiller to lose efficiency or cause damage that voids manufactures warranties, as with Process Chillers. HT Chiller are not trying to keep the water in a narrow temperature band of 2° to 4° dumping its efficiency when not properly sized exactly.

Microprocessors? Keep it simple

Simple it better. A Waterjet Chiller just need to maintain water that is below 65°. The more controls, sensors and devices you have running and controlling your Waterjet Chiller, the more things that could possibly go wrong. This is not Rocket Science, cooling a Waterjet Machine is not a fragile, temperature sensitive range process. Keep it simple, keep it running.

Water Temperature

Waterjets want water below 65° that is all you need, when you are maintaining a 2° to 4° temperature differential it is costing you money and is hard on your Chiller. A Waterjet Chiller that is trying to maintain that narrow band of 2° to 4° temperature differential will unload 85% of its heat capturing energy capacity to maintain that narrow temperature differential. The HT Chiller runs at full capacity, full efficiency and then cycles off with the ability for storing up to 11000 BTU’s for later use, unlike the Process Chillers.

Our Philosophy

We believe in the end users priorities over our bottom line. Our objective is to build a dependable, efficient and quite Waterjet Chiller that last 25 years or more. Within this objective we believe that down time waiting for parts and downtime on specialized technicians cost you more money. All of our parts (except coil) are available at an HVAC or Plumbing Wholesale house. Our Waterjet Chillers are designed in such a way that your AC Company can repair and acquire parts easily and get you back online in hours instead of days, most of the time for a fraction of the cost.

Water is one of the very best known liquids for Heat Transfer. Glycol/Oil and other such fluids or additives for Waterjet Chillers have a much lower heat transfer characteristics of water. These types of fluids are used to protect against freezing, a Waterjet machine does not require or need the freezing or low temperature liquids that coincide with the use of these types of liquids.

Immersed Bare Tube Coil

The heart of the HT Chiller is our all Copper Immersed Bare-Tube Coils. They have up to 250 feet of copper tubing to transfer energy efficiently .Compared to the traditional coils of Process Chillers that use Stainless Steel in their heat exchangers that is roughly 1’ by 1’ by 6”. We use copper for its superior heat transfer characteristics and durability in water. Our Coils certainly cost more to manufacture but we believe in investing in quality, efficiency and durability where it is important.

In all our Waterjet Chillers we use Eco-Friendly R-410A refrigerant which is fluorine based and has no adverse effect on the environment and does not contribute to the depletion of the O-Zone layer. R-410A is available in units with with higher SEER ratings and is more efficient in cooling allowing lower energy cost and better cooling in our Waterjet Chillers, especially at higher temperatures.

Our Waterjet Chillers are hands down more efficient than any other chiller on the market.

  • High Efficiency Residential AC condensing unit
  • No hot gas bypass valve unloading up to 85% of the Chillers capacity
  • Copper and Water being used as the heat transfer materials
  • A 11,000 BTU Insulated Energy storage tank allowing the Waterjet Chiller to absorb BTU’s/Heat even when the Chiller is cycled off
  • A Refrigerant system requires 15 minutes before it can reach its full running efficiency. Chillers that contain a Hot gas by-pass can never reach their full efficiency because the Freon will not settle down allowing it to run at its rated capacity. HT Chillers do not have a hot gas by-pass it run and stores excess energy instead of dumping it.

Save your money!

Our Waterjet Chillers are able to take 190° water and turn it into 50° within a single pass thru our Chiller. Allowing Waterjet users to recirculate their water that would normally be wasted down the drain with other Chillers.

Which HT Waterjet Chiller is Right for You?

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